The Wire Rope Distributors in Toronto

Cable Craft is a distributor of wire ropeslings and materials in the Greater Toronto Area. The various wire ropes and equipment that Cable Craft offers is used throughout Toronto at several construction sites in order to maintain safety on the job and to help maintain efficiency at the work sites itself.

Wire rope is a product that is a set of twisted strands that come together to form a rope. Each strand itself is made from metal wires. As a steel wire rope supplier and distributor in Toronto, Cable Craft only distributes rope material to Toronto clients made from strong steel strands.

The wire rope that Cable Craft distributes in Toronto is durable, weather resistance and is available is regular and lang lay rope styles.

In addition, Cable Craft offers a large variety of wire ropes and rope accessories and hardware for various uses.

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6×25 & 6×37 Plow Steel

Plow steel is a type of steel that is strong and used primarily to make wire rope.

The plow steel is extremely tough that it can stand multiple uses which strain and stress the steel.

At Cable Craft, we modify plow steel and sell it to our customers in need of this material. We offer our improved plow steel in 6×25 and 6×37, which can be used in various constructions and projects.

plow steel wire rope

Small Diameter Galvanized

Cable Craft is a Toronto distributor of small diameter galvanized and stainless steel cables.

The small diameter galvanized wire ropes are primarily used to stand rigging on boats, bracing and other applications. Our small diameter galvanized wire ropes at Cable Craft are modified to maintain its quality and long-lasting usage.

In addition, this product comes in a large selection of flexibility types.

Our company in Toronto offers the small diameter galvanized in the following types:

* 1 x 19 Construction
* 7 x 7 Construction
* 7 x 19 Construction

toronto distributor small diameter galvanized

Coated Cable & Stainless Steel

Coated cables and stainless steel products and materials are distributed in Toronto by Cable Craft.

Before distribution, Cable Craft modifies and tests all coated cables and stainless steel to ensure its quality, durability and safety before it is used by our clients.

As a large Toronto distributor of coated cable and stainless steel, Cable Craft offers a large selection of products with varying sizes, workload limits and flexibility.

coated cables stainless steel

Tower King Hoist Cable

The Tower King Hoist Cable is distributed in Toronto by Cable Craft.

Before distribution, Cable Craft modifies the cable to ensure the product’s quality for the client.

The Tower King Hoist Cable itself is a strong cable, made up of 35 strands and is very flexible. The round rope surface and the compacted outer strands of the cable make the Tower King Hoist Cable resistant against drum crushing.

The 19 inner strands of the cable counteract the torque of the 16 outer strands, making the Tower King Hoist Cable extremely rotation resistant.

The cable has equal load distribution between inner and outer strands. Coupled with the appropriate accessories, the Tower King Hoist Cable is safe for use and is strong to withhold internal wire breaks.

The Tower King Hoist Cable should be used with a swivel, which is also available at Cable Craft in Toronto.

tower king hoist cable toronto

Wire Rope Sling – Single Leg

The wire rope single leg sling is carried in Cable Craft’s Toronto facility.

As one of the wire rope single leg sling Toronto distributors, Cable Craft modifies the sling to ensure it is in the best condition for use.

In Toronto, the wire rope single leg sling our company carries is offered in a variety of inches, length and dimensions.

Our wire rope single leg slings come in two types – the mechanical splice and the hand splice – and is offered in styles to be used in the vertical, choker or basket lifts.

wire rope single leg sling

Wire Rope Bridle Sling

The wire rope bridle sling is modified and distributed by Cable Craft in Toronto.

As one of Toronto’s wire rope bridle sling distributors, we test and modified all slings to ensure a long-lasting life of use and safety while being used in various projects.

The wire rope bridle slings in our Toronto facility come in a large variety of sizes – both in width and in length – and are carried with two legged, three legged and four leg slings.

Swaged Boom Pendants

Cable Craft modifies and distributes swaged boom pendants in Toronto.

As one of Toronto’s swaged boom pendant distributors, Cable Craft carried three types of swaged boom pendants:

* Open Swaged Sockets
* Open and Closed Swaged Sockets
* Closed Swaged Sockets

The swaged boom pendants that Cable Crafts carries in their Toronto facility come in a variety of sizes.

swaged boom pendant distributors

Small Diameter Cable Fittings

Cable Craft is one of Toronto’s small diameter cable and wire rope fittings distributors.

Our company carries a wide variety of small diameter cable fittings that are modified to maintain its highest quality and sold to clients for different types of work projects.

As a Toronto small diameter cable fittings distributor, we carry the following cable fittings:

* Aluminum and Copper Sleeves
* Aluminum and Cooper Stops
* Stainless Steel Ball
* Stainless Steel Ball Shank
* MS Threaded Stud
* Threaded Stud
* Stake Eye
* Fork End
* Marine Eye
* Eye End
* Stainless Steel Thimble
* Nylon Sheave

small diameter cable fittings distributor

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