A shackle is a curved piece of metal secured with a pin or bolt across the opening. Shackles are used as a link in rigging systems that are used in boats, ships and industrial cranes.

Cable Craft re-sells approved shackles to Toronto clients.

We carry four types of shackles: Screw pin, Bolt anchor, Screw pin chain and Bolt chain.

As a Toronto shackle distributor, we carry all four types of shackles in various sizes and working load limits.

toronto shackle distributor

Wire Rope Clips

A wire rope clip is used to fix the loose end of the loop back to the wire rope.

The clip itself consists of a curved shaped bolt, a saddle and two nuts. The two layers of wire rope are placed in the curved shaped bolt, followed by placing the saddle and fitting the ropes onto the bolt.

Cable Craft sells the wire rope clip and the fist grip clip in Toronto to clients. Our company has a large selection of wire rope clips in various sizes (both in the clips and for the size of rope) and rope holding limits.

wire rope clip

Eye & Swivel Sling Hooks

Cable Craft offers six options for eye and swivel sling hooks in Toronto to clients.

Sling hooks are used to help lift and move materials.

As a Toronto eye and swivel sling hook distributor, we offer:

* Carbon Swivel Hook
* Alloy Swivel Hook
* Carbon Hook
* Carbon Shank Hook
* Alloy Shank Hook
* Alloy Eye Hook

eye swivel sling hooks

Self Locking Hooks

A self locking hook is used to help support a heavy load during construction.

The hook is a curved hook which has an opening to help support and connect for load bearing activities. The hook also has a self-locking feature which allows the hook to be used at almost any horizontal angle or slope.

toronto shackle distributor

Eye Bolts

An eye blot is a screw which has a loop on one end and threads on the opposite end. These bolts are primarily used to attach cables to objects.

Cable Craft sells three types of eye bolts in Toronto, with a large selection of sizes to cater to their clients’ needs.

As a Toronto eye bolt distributor, we offer:

* Regular Nut Eye Bolt
* Shoulder Machinery Eye Bolt
* Shoulder Nut Eye Bolt

toronto eye bolt distributor

Swivel Hoist Ring

A swivel hoist ring is an eyebolt that is used to connect to webbing, chains or shackles. It designed to be rigged from the center or the side and may swivel in action.

As a Toronto swivel hoist ring distributor, Cable Craft sells two types of swivel hoist rings: standard swivel hoist ring and metric swivel hoist ring.

Cable Craft sells the standard swivel hoist ring and the metric swivel hoist ring in multiple sizes and weight options in their Toronto facility. This gives our clients many options when purchasing a swivel hoist ring.

toronto swivel hoist ring distributor
swivel hoist ring

Plate & Beam Clamp

Plate Clamps are used to lift sheets, plates and large pieces of metal.

Beam Clamps are used to secure secondary steel work and building services equipment such as cable trays and pipe work.

As a Toronto plate and beam clamp distributor, Cable Craft sells three types of clamps: vertical, vertical swivel and beam clamps.

These three types of clamps are offered in various sizes and lifting capacities in our Toronto facility.

Snatch Block

A snatch block is a pulley made of heavy material in order to lift and handle several thousands of pounds. Even though it can lift huge objects, the snatch block is only a few pounds itself and is quire compact in size.

As a Toronto snatch block distributor, Cable Craft carries three types of snatch blocks.

We offer the following three snatch blocks:

* Snatch Block with a hook
* Snatch Block with a shackle
* Snatch Block with a tail board

snatch block distributor


A turnbuckle is a tool that is used to adjust tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods and other tensioning systems.

The turnbuckle itself consists of two threaded eyelets that are screwed into each end of the tool.

As a Toronto turnbuckle distributor, Cable Craft has five types of turnbuckles in stock:

* Jaw & Jaw
* Eye & Jaw
* Eye & Eye
* Hook & Hook
* Hook & Eye

In order to give our Toronto customers various options, the turnbuckles come in several sizes and work load limits.

turnbuckle toronto

Weld On Hooks

A weld on hook is a hook that is meant to be attached to mobile lifting equipment to provide assistance for simple sling attachment.

As a Toronto weld on hook distributor, Cable Craft carries alloy weld on hooks and WLP weld-on lifting point hooks.

These two hooks come in various sizes and working load limits.

weld on hook toronto

Latch Kits

latch kits toronto

Cutters & Swagers

Cable Craft is a Toronto cutter and swager distributor.

A cutter is used to make clean cuts on cables. The jaw blades on the cutter itself are sharp and taper as they cut, eliminating chain cutters and chisels, taped and frayed ends.

A swager is used for also cutting wire ropes and crimping aluminum and cooper materials.

As a Toronto cutter and swager distributor, Cable Craft carries six types of cutters and six types of swaggers. These tools come in various sizes and are used for specific sizes of wires and cables.

cutter and swager distributor

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